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Turnkey agricultural constructions


PAWLICA s.r.o.

The company PAWLICA s.r.o., with more than 30 years of experience, supplies large and small farmers with quality technologies for post-harvest treatment of grains and other commodities. Our offer includes agricultural and industrial dryers, screen grain cleaners, conveyors, galvanized grain silos and many other products from leading foreign manufacturers, whose mutual combination creates a perfectly functioning unit - the PAWLICA post-harvest line.

AGE s.r.o.

AGE s.r.o. focuses on complete deliveries of halls and state-of-the-art technologies for poultry and pig housing. We will design solutions and projections for specific breeding, as well as complete assembly and subsequent non-stop service for all products offered. The development of new solutions allows us to achieve top results in breeding. Own metal production is a great advantage for the company. The company's advantage is its own spare parts warehouse.

Pawlica Export PL

Thanks to the great interest  on quality post-harvest technology by Polish farmers, a branch was established in Wroclaw, under the leadership of co-owner Ing. Slawomir Zembrzycki. During the first successful season, sixteen STELA dryers and four GEBR dryers were installed in Poland. RUBERG and a complete reconstruction of the post-harvest line in GR Bojanowo was carried out. Currently, other projects are planned for the construction of dryers and complete storage areas with BROCK and BIN forces.

GT Trend s.r.o.

The company GT Trend s.r.o. provides service, assembly and spare parts mainly for the territory of Poland. It is also a distributor of Polish galvanized storage forces BIN. He uses STELA dryer and Gebr. RUBERG, special JE-MA conveyors, SKANDIA ELEVATOR redlers and elevators. As part of the reconstruction and modernization of production and storage lines, these machines are also installed and supplemented with locally supplied steel structures and air conditioning.



PAWLICA EXPORT as is a joint-stock company operating in the field of agricultural technologies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Its activities range from technologies for storing cereals, oilseeds and maize to technologies for indoor poultry and pig farming.

The aim is to further develop these activities in agriculture and bring suitable complementary technologies and services to the group. We plan to continue to focus our activities on the Central European agricultural region.

The first company belonging to the Pawlica Export group is  PAWLICA s.r.o. The company has more than 30 years of experience in the field of quality technologies for post-harvest treatment of grains and other commodities in crop production. The next step in development occurred in 2019 when we expanded our business activities in the field of animal production and involved the company.  AGE s.r.o. This company is a long-term supplier of complex stable technologies for poultry and pig breeding. AGE sro also has its own modern robotic production of steel halls, production of fences for pigs, and also produces a number of other technological products for agriculture. The unit operating under the name PAWLICA EXPORT is the Polish branch of Pawlica Export PL, which provides agricultural projects in Poland. Our fourth company GT Trend s.r.o. operates for the Polish dealership in the fields of service, assembly, and spare parts. 


O nás


"Our company PAWLICA EXPORT takes care of the represented technologies, we care about the details and that everything is done correctly."

Managing Director

Ing. Petr Pawlica, MBA

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